Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am so bad at keeping this thing up to date! I should be fired!

Ok so what's been happening since I last posted. ALOT I bet.

Thanksgiving for a start. It was at Mawmaw's as usual (Billy's grandmother). We had a deep fried Turkey and it was sooo good. Jamey, Sandy & the girls were there aswell as Billy's Uncle Mike, all of them had come up from Georgia. Plus all of us. Of course I took a bunch of photos:

Then we had 2 little furry things make their way into our lives:

On Sunday almost 2 weeks ago, we arrived home at around sunset and found these little guys in our front yard. They were obviously abandoned as they were dirty and matted and very hungry.

Billy's heart broke and we took them in. We got them food and litter tray and gave them both a bath. We discovered the bigger one was a male and the little one was a girl. We named them Orion and Cassiopeia (Cassie). They have been a constant amusement and source of such cuteness, however with Billy's allergies and the fact we already have 2 dogs we realised we couldn't really keep both of them. The risk of them mating was before we had a chance to get them fixed worried us also. So we found a new home for Orion and he is going there tomorrow.

I can't say I am not upset to give him away but I know its for the best.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Wow I can't believe its been just over a year that we have been here! It's almost Thanksgiving which I can't wait for! MMmmm turkey! Love me some turkey!

So what have we been up to. Well we went to the Renaissance Festival last week with Billy's folks and its was AWESOME! Here are some of the photos I took. I still have a bunch from the Jousting that I need to play around with first.

I will be getting closer to getting my license next week. Billy's Christmas bonus comes in next paycheck so we will be able to do all the costly things required to get on the track to me driving.

Last week I also helped make up help bags for the homeless. I want to do more volunteering once I get my license. There is a soup kitchen/food bank that I really would love to help out at. I also want to get a job once I am driving. Billy would be happy for me to stay at home but we need more money plus we really want to get a bigger place in this land.

I have been getting out with the mothers group I am a member of and this tomorrow we have a scavenger hunt which should be fun! Plus one of the mothers lives not far from me and she has teken me out shopping and stuff a couple of times. I am starting to feel alot more at home now and the depression seems to be taking a backseat. ALTHOUGH I had a panic attack the other night for no reason! It just came out of nowhere. Billy was at work and Ashley was asleep so a friend on Facebook talked me through it. I really have some great friends!

I have been slowly accumulating Scrapbooking supplies and hopefully will be able to start making some things. I joined a great Scarpbooking forum and some of the wonderful ladies on there sent me a bunch of stuff to use! I am very humbled by these people.

Ashley is doing really well. He got his report card this week and got all A's! We are very proud of him!

Billy is still working hard and its picking up for the holiday season so his shifts have increased too which is good money wise but the poor thing will be tired and sore! Especially picking up those boxes of Turkeys!

I hope everyone is well! I miss you all!


So sorry for not updating! Terrible terrible!

Thought it was time for another slideshow or 2 :D

This time it is of Billy. My love, my life. Without him I would be horribly lost.

This first one starts with the second photo I ever saw of him online. Then it goes from the time I visited him in 2005 to now.

This one is off my other Flickr account which has just family outings etc. They are all from Thanksgiving 2008 to recently.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Stuff #1

It's Halloween tomorrow!! ooohhhhhhh

Ashley carved a pumpkin in school yesterday and bought it home.


Ashley & pumpkin

Ashley & Pumpkin

Lit up

Tomorrow morning we are going to the Trunk and Treat that the mothers group is putting on. It's a safe way for kids to go Trick or Treating with people you know and trust. They decorate their trunks and hand out candy and stuff.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soundtrack of a love story

As alot of you will know already, I love music. What some of you may not know is that music played a big part it the first year or so of Billy & my relationship. We spent almost a year apart. Our first year to be precise and most of it was spent talking on the phone or internet.

We would honestly talk for between 4 - 12 hours a day. Everyday. You would think we would run out of stuff to talk about but remember, we had 30 years of our lives to tell each other about. Plus we had music. Music was one of the big things we would talk about. He got me into Smashing Pumpkins and I introduced him to The Postal Service and a bunch of Aussie music.

We started finding we had almost the identical tastes in music and started to collect songs that really suited our situation or feelings.

I thought it would be cool to share some of these songs on here. I have disabled my player on the page and added on to the bottom of this post. Please listen to the songs.

#1 - Lost Cause - Beck

This is the first song Billy ever played for me on guitar. He sang it to me over the phone and played his guitar aswell. I really think this is the moment my heart became his. The songs itself doesn't mean anything about us, but he introduced me to Beck so that is a big thing.

#2 - Fix You - Coldplay

Before we met we had both come out of bad relationships and were very broken. This song was perfect for us as we both believe we fixed each other.

#3 - What if? - Coldplay

You might be surprised to know that we both went through really rough patches during this time when we both thought we were not good enough for the other person or that the other person wouldn't love us when they really knew us. So this song reflects some of the sad times.

#4 - The Letter - The Box Tops

When we decided we had to meet I went out and bought tickets to the USA. Then all we could sing was this song! It was a happy time!

#5 - Such Great Heights - The Postal Service

This is our song. This is about how we fit perfectly together. How amazingly perfect we are for each other.

#6 - Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Mary & Paul

I can't actually listen to this song all the way through, it makes me cry really bad. It's really only the chorus that is true for us. This was when I had to leave to come back to Australia. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

#7 - In the Arms of Sleep - Smashing Pumpkins

Being away from Billy was very hard. Neither of us slept much in those 7 months. This song was all I listened to. It is perfect for how we both felt.

#8 - Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith

This is another sad time song. We had no idea if we were ever going to be together again. I went through a period when I was a walking zombie. I didn't sleep and I really just functioned on the barest of emotions. It was not nice. This song was listened to alot.

#9 - Green Eyes - Coldplay

This is a happy one. This is just about how we were both each others support. Also we both have green in our eyes :D

#10 - The Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog

Because we are dreamers. We dreamed and it came true. We are living at the end of the rainbow.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Even more cool news!

I got an email from the guy who used my photo for his flyer (see a few posts below) and he told me the San Francisco Chronicle is running a story on the party and they will be using my photo and giving me credit for it! YAY! I will be published! How cool is that! And funny thing is it is ME in the photo! haha


It's Friday! YAY!! Not that really makes any different to me really! Everyday is the same for me pretty much.

Last night we went to the in-laws for dinner and to watch some Battlestar Galactica. We got the oven baked subs from Dominos and MAN they are gooood! Yumm!

Then afterwards I talked Billy into driving me to the new big Walmart down towards Charlotte so I could check out there scrapbooking section. It's not much bigger than the other stores but they had a few things that I liked that hadn't found anywhere else so I got them.

I also wanted to try on some jeans but get this. They are open 24 hours a day however their fitting rooms close at 10pm! WTH! Why??

So I have to live with my 1 pair of jeans a bit longer.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy Day

It was Billy's day off and also payday! 2 of my favourite days! :D

First of all we went to one of my favourite places ever Hobby Lobby!


I wanted to get some scrapbooking stuff. I got a few things but not as much as planned as they are a bit pricey. I need to find somewhere that has cheaper stuff. Walmart's selection is crap!

We then headed to Walmart and I found a couple of cute little summery tops for $1! And then I got this cool long sleeved on with a dove on it.

IMG_0686 IMG_0690 IMG_0692

Then we headed over to the Halloween costume section and had some fun there!

IMG_0679 IMG_0680

We got Ashley his costume stuff, which included the mask Billy has on above.

After there we were starving so we headed to Golden Corral for dinner. I love me some GC!! All you can eat everything! Yumm! I skipped the dessert bar as their desserts are not that nice. Got a Caramel Frappacino from Starbucks!

Then we came home and unloaded all the goodies. Then we headed off to see "Where the Wild Things Are". I loved it! I was in tears almost the whole time. It was beautiful and sad. I don't know why it is being perceived as a children's movie though. It is way to dark and serious for kids to understand plus it would be dead boring for kids. Yes it's based on a kids book, BUT I think Spike Jonze made it for us adults who loved the book.


There were only 2 other people in the cinema with us which I loved!! Look how empty it was!


Hope everyone is having a great day too! I noticed I have had alot of people come by but not commenting! Please do!! I have made it that anyone can comment, you don't have to have an account!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How cool!

As some of you are aware I use to be part of a 365 Days group on Flickr, which is basically a self-portrait project. Well most days I played along with theme days and one of them was a Zombie with tiara theme. I came up with this photo:

104/365 - Zombie Prom Queen

I call it my Zombie Prom Queen. Anyway today I received a message on Flickr from a guy who is having a Halloween Party at his bar and he wanted to use the photo for the flyer. I told him that it was fine as long as I got credit and also a copy of the flyer. Here it is:

How cool!

It's a shame the party is in San Francisco otherwise I think I would go!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Thought I would let everyone know what has happened with the whole immigration process since we got here.

Basically Ashley & I came in on the Visa Waiver Program which we thought was ok to do. Sadly Customs advised us that was not correct and if they had felt like being mean they could have sent us back to Australia, but they didn't and allowed us in on a special visa to let us file our Residency Visa's.

The biggest issue we faced was the Assurance of Support, which basically means we needed to prove that Billy could support us both. Getting his a job was our main priority. Luckily he got the first one he applied for! That was a big relief! We also got his mum to be our co-sponsor just in case.

Ashley & I both had to have medicals done which involved blood tests and a bunch of immunisations, especially me seeming I had no records. Those alone cost us over $1000.

Then we had to fill out about a million forms and pay about $1400 each. I also applied for my work authorisation.

We sent the applications off on January 9th and got out first appointment letter for our fingerprints in February. I think they must have messed them up cause we had to do them again in May. But I got my Work Authorisation card.

Then we had our interview in July and were approved. It was alot faster than I had thought and I bet it would have been alot quicker if they hadn't of messed up the fingerprints the first time.

Both of us got 10 year Green Cards and I can apply for my Citizenship in 3 years and Ashley can in 5. We are also allowed to keep our Australian Citizenship aswell which is fantastic!!

It was a very stressful and expensive process but I would do it all over again!


Ok here are 2 slideshows of photos of Ashley! The first one starts from the drive to the airport in Perth and then trips to parks etc when we first got here. There are also ones from Halloween, Christmas and other stuff.

The second one starts at Thanksgiving at Billy's grandparents then shows Christmas, Kaylans birthday, Snow, Ashley's birthday, Easter etc.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Welcome back to my blog! You may have noticed I have deleted all my old posts. The main reason behind this is I felt I had spiralled into a dark place on here and I was allowing my depression to get the best of me.

I promise that this will not be that place any longer.

I have a wonderful life for the most part. I have a beautiful husband and son. I have a wonderfully close family here and we live in a beautiful place.

So no more negativity.

Plus I will try very hard to keep this updated more often.

All I ask of you loyal reader is perhaps comment every now and then, just so I know you are there.
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