Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy Day

It was Billy's day off and also payday! 2 of my favourite days! :D

First of all we went to one of my favourite places ever Hobby Lobby!


I wanted to get some scrapbooking stuff. I got a few things but not as much as planned as they are a bit pricey. I need to find somewhere that has cheaper stuff. Walmart's selection is crap!

We then headed to Walmart and I found a couple of cute little summery tops for $1! And then I got this cool long sleeved on with a dove on it.

IMG_0686 IMG_0690 IMG_0692

Then we headed over to the Halloween costume section and had some fun there!

IMG_0679 IMG_0680

We got Ashley his costume stuff, which included the mask Billy has on above.

After there we were starving so we headed to Golden Corral for dinner. I love me some GC!! All you can eat everything! Yumm! I skipped the dessert bar as their desserts are not that nice. Got a Caramel Frappacino from Starbucks!

Then we came home and unloaded all the goodies. Then we headed off to see "Where the Wild Things Are". I loved it! I was in tears almost the whole time. It was beautiful and sad. I don't know why it is being perceived as a children's movie though. It is way to dark and serious for kids to understand plus it would be dead boring for kids. Yes it's based on a kids book, BUT I think Spike Jonze made it for us adults who loved the book.


There were only 2 other people in the cinema with us which I loved!! Look how empty it was!


Hope everyone is having a great day too! I noticed I have had alot of people come by but not commenting! Please do!! I have made it that anyone can comment, you don't have to have an account!


  1. That's so cool! And I love your music!

  2. gorgeous tops nikki!! shame about the scrapbooking stuff being so exy, is there somewhere online over there that you can purchase from? thats what i do here in aus. xox

  3. You know, Kyle wants to see that movie but I could tell from the music and trailer that it was going to be sad. I can't handle sad movies. I was a mess after watching Up. I didn't realize it was going to be such a sad movie.

  4. Damn you for making me cry woman!!!! Grrrr....but, thanks for sharing part of your life with me. It must be so hard being away from Aus, and I can't wait til Scott and I come visit. Gunna be way exciting....a huge night of Brown Brothers wine and Tim Tams...and ALL the different Tim


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