Monday, October 19, 2009


Thought I would let everyone know what has happened with the whole immigration process since we got here.

Basically Ashley & I came in on the Visa Waiver Program which we thought was ok to do. Sadly Customs advised us that was not correct and if they had felt like being mean they could have sent us back to Australia, but they didn't and allowed us in on a special visa to let us file our Residency Visa's.

The biggest issue we faced was the Assurance of Support, which basically means we needed to prove that Billy could support us both. Getting his a job was our main priority. Luckily he got the first one he applied for! That was a big relief! We also got his mum to be our co-sponsor just in case.

Ashley & I both had to have medicals done which involved blood tests and a bunch of immunisations, especially me seeming I had no records. Those alone cost us over $1000.

Then we had to fill out about a million forms and pay about $1400 each. I also applied for my work authorisation.

We sent the applications off on January 9th and got out first appointment letter for our fingerprints in February. I think they must have messed them up cause we had to do them again in May. But I got my Work Authorisation card.

Then we had our interview in July and were approved. It was alot faster than I had thought and I bet it would have been alot quicker if they hadn't of messed up the fingerprints the first time.

Both of us got 10 year Green Cards and I can apply for my Citizenship in 3 years and Ashley can in 5. We are also allowed to keep our Australian Citizenship aswell which is fantastic!!

It was a very stressful and expensive process but I would do it all over again!

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  1. all i can say is... aussie aussie aussie!!! oi oi oi!!

    we miss you!! xoxox


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