Saturday, November 14, 2009


Wow I can't believe its been just over a year that we have been here! It's almost Thanksgiving which I can't wait for! MMmmm turkey! Love me some turkey!

So what have we been up to. Well we went to the Renaissance Festival last week with Billy's folks and its was AWESOME! Here are some of the photos I took. I still have a bunch from the Jousting that I need to play around with first.

I will be getting closer to getting my license next week. Billy's Christmas bonus comes in next paycheck so we will be able to do all the costly things required to get on the track to me driving.

Last week I also helped make up help bags for the homeless. I want to do more volunteering once I get my license. There is a soup kitchen/food bank that I really would love to help out at. I also want to get a job once I am driving. Billy would be happy for me to stay at home but we need more money plus we really want to get a bigger place in this land.

I have been getting out with the mothers group I am a member of and this tomorrow we have a scavenger hunt which should be fun! Plus one of the mothers lives not far from me and she has teken me out shopping and stuff a couple of times. I am starting to feel alot more at home now and the depression seems to be taking a backseat. ALTHOUGH I had a panic attack the other night for no reason! It just came out of nowhere. Billy was at work and Ashley was asleep so a friend on Facebook talked me through it. I really have some great friends!

I have been slowly accumulating Scrapbooking supplies and hopefully will be able to start making some things. I joined a great Scarpbooking forum and some of the wonderful ladies on there sent me a bunch of stuff to use! I am very humbled by these people.

Ashley is doing really well. He got his report card this week and got all A's! We are very proud of him!

Billy is still working hard and its picking up for the holiday season so his shifts have increased too which is good money wise but the poor thing will be tired and sore! Especially picking up those boxes of Turkeys!

I hope everyone is well! I miss you all!

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  1. so glad that you have a lot going on nikki!! if you stay busy then you are less likely to feel as depressed. glad to hear you are enjoying scrapbooking :) xox


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