Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am so bad at keeping this thing up to date! I should be fired!

Ok so what's been happening since I last posted. ALOT I bet.

Thanksgiving for a start. It was at Mawmaw's as usual (Billy's grandmother). We had a deep fried Turkey and it was sooo good. Jamey, Sandy & the girls were there aswell as Billy's Uncle Mike, all of them had come up from Georgia. Plus all of us. Of course I took a bunch of photos:

Then we had 2 little furry things make their way into our lives:

On Sunday almost 2 weeks ago, we arrived home at around sunset and found these little guys in our front yard. They were obviously abandoned as they were dirty and matted and very hungry.

Billy's heart broke and we took them in. We got them food and litter tray and gave them both a bath. We discovered the bigger one was a male and the little one was a girl. We named them Orion and Cassiopeia (Cassie). They have been a constant amusement and source of such cuteness, however with Billy's allergies and the fact we already have 2 dogs we realised we couldn't really keep both of them. The risk of them mating was before we had a chance to get them fixed worried us also. So we found a new home for Orion and he is going there tomorrow.

I can't say I am not upset to give him away but I know its for the best.
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