Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am still alive!

Yes I know. I have been terribly slack at updating as usual. I kind of have an excuse though. Billy's mum is the general manager of a manufacturing company and they needed someone to work in the factory and she asked me. It's great because it is so close to home and it's money we need. It isn't the most glamorous job and the pay is minimum wage but it helps us a lot. Because Billy's pay covered all of our bills we know have a little extra spending money.

Also we got his tax return back and it was quite a large one and it was just in time too. Our oven and fridge both died in the same week so we now have new ones, plus we were able to pay off the car. So we both decided to get iPhones. We were getting by with just the 1 pre-paid cell phone and with me working we thought it best that we both had one. I love it! I am so addicted to Apps!

Here is our new oven:


It's a dual oven! Which means it has 2 ovens! How awesome is that!

Our new fridge isn't that exciting. We wanted a side by side but the gap in the kitchen for the fridge isn't big enough and there is no where else to put it. So we got a cheap one for now. It will do until we get a bigger place.

Ashley went to his first ever school dance last weekend. He was so excited about it and couldn't stop talking about it for weeks! We took him shopping for new clothes and shoes to wear. Here he is all dressed up:

I'm curious to know who still follows this blog and if anyone still reads it. I really want to keep it up to date but I don't want to waste my time if no one really reads it. So let me know!

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