Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anon questions #1

Here are some anonymous questions:

1. What kind of kid were you growing up?
To tell you the truth I don't remember a lot of my childhood, but what I can remember and what others have told me is I was a real tom boy. I do remember playing in the dirt a lot, I used to love watching ants and I would get a piece of bread and crumble it up and watch them pick it up and carry it away. I also got away with a lot because I was the baby.

2. Who was the first boy you kissed? and what do you remember about it?
Ok now the earliest memory of kissing a boy was 5th grade, but I am sure I kissed one before that. But this is the one I remember. He tried sticking his tongue in my mouth and I thought it was revolting. His name was Vernon.

3. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
This changed all the time! haha Earliest one I think I wanted to be was a Nuclear Physicist, I had no idea what it was, I just liked the name. Then a librairian because I loved reading. Then a doctor then a chef. It kept changing!

Kate's questions

I thought I would answer each set of questions in a separate post.

Here are Kate's questions:

1. Do you have any plans to come back to Australia for a holiday or to live in the very distant future?
I would love to go back for a holiday. Especially to Queensland to visit my mum. Billy only got to see part of Western Australia so I would love for him to see where I grew up and beautiful North Queensland. Back to live is highly unlikely. Something pretty major would make me do that. Basically if I lost Billy eg divorce, death. Even then I don't know.

2. Are the clothes and shoes you buy in the US nicer than Aussie stuff or are they pretty much the same sort of styles and fabrics?
I don't think I would say they are nicer but there is definitely more choice! Especially shoes! Oh lordy! They are much cheaper than in Australia. I haven't looked in a lot of higher class clothing stores as i don't work in an office or anything any more so I can't say for certain about fashion etc.

3. Have you seen anyone famous in person since living in the US?
The most famous person I have seen is a former NASCAR driver. Not exciting at all! haha

4. Do you think you are starting to get an American accent?
Ever now and then I catch myself pronouncing things differently. I don't know if I will ever lose my accent, I hope not. But I also think it would be cool to have a southern accent!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ask me anything!

I have writers block at the moment and have no idea what to blog about so I thought I would put it into my readers hands (If there are any!)

So ask away. If you want to remain anonymous, you can. I have allowed anonymous comments.

Go for it! I will answer every question asked!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The news!

Ok so we have some big news. It's not 100% confirmed but we are pretty sure it is a done deal.


About 3 weeks ago we were driving through Rockwell (A small town near us) and we saw a Modular home sales office, with display homes. We decided to drive out there the next day and just have a look.

Well the guy was really nice and we looked at 2 of the models he had and we fell in love with one of them. He said we could apply for pre-approval just to see if the bank would be willing to touch us.

It was Friday when we filled out the paperwork so we spent the whole weekend daydreaming about the house. Then he called us on Monday to tell us that the bank was willing to give us a mortgage.

Billy & I kind of went a little crazy and said "Let's do it!" After a few days I started really having doubts about it. Our mortgage was about to more than double and I was scared. But Billy kept reassuring me we would be able to do it. He said he would take on more hours at work.

So we submitted all our income information last week and the loan officer called today to tell us that we passed that part of it. So she seems to think it's going to go through. So now we just wait for Bobby, our building rep to call us about the house contract.

So we are very very excited. We currently live in a tiny 2 bedroom single wide trailer. And we are about to get into a 4 bed 2 bath home with more than double the square footage.

So here is a slideshow of photos of the new house:

And here is a video tour!

So much going on

Oh I have been a bad blogger. February was the last post! My goodness!

Wow. Ok what was happened since then! Well first of all, I am not working any more. The factory where I worked was not air-conditioned and since June we have been getting temperatures in the high 90's F (33+ C). And with the humidity and the fact that it's a big metal factory with machines running at 375 degrees, it got very uncomfortable. Not to mention the migraines I was getting every day.

I still don't have my license. It is such a pain to get it plus we have hardly any time for me to practice driving. But I really want to get it sorted out asap. It's driving me insane being home all the time and almost trapped here because Billy sleeps all day then is at work all night. And Ashley is at that age where he really doesn't want to hang out with me any more. So I am lonely a lot of the time.

My depression got the best of me for a while there and I was in a pretty dark place for some time. Which I think has hurt some possible friendships. But I guess I don't really want friends who run when I am at my lowest.

I am trying really hard to not let things get to me. It's hard because that is who I am and always have been and although I don't like that part of myself, it's hard to change a lifetime habit.

I have some big news but I am keeping that for a separate post!
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