Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The news!

Ok so we have some big news. It's not 100% confirmed but we are pretty sure it is a done deal.


About 3 weeks ago we were driving through Rockwell (A small town near us) and we saw a Modular home sales office, with display homes. We decided to drive out there the next day and just have a look.

Well the guy was really nice and we looked at 2 of the models he had and we fell in love with one of them. He said we could apply for pre-approval just to see if the bank would be willing to touch us.

It was Friday when we filled out the paperwork so we spent the whole weekend daydreaming about the house. Then he called us on Monday to tell us that the bank was willing to give us a mortgage.

Billy & I kind of went a little crazy and said "Let's do it!" After a few days I started really having doubts about it. Our mortgage was about to more than double and I was scared. But Billy kept reassuring me we would be able to do it. He said he would take on more hours at work.

So we submitted all our income information last week and the loan officer called today to tell us that we passed that part of it. So she seems to think it's going to go through. So now we just wait for Bobby, our building rep to call us about the house contract.

So we are very very excited. We currently live in a tiny 2 bedroom single wide trailer. And we are about to get into a 4 bed 2 bath home with more than double the square footage.

So here is a slideshow of photos of the new house:

And here is a video tour!


  1. omg nikki this brought tears to my eyes. especially watching the video and seeing just the looks on the boys (billy and ashley!) faces!! what a lovely house to look forward to darl. so happy for you. xox

  2. and yay to the scrapbooking room!! woot woot!! :D


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