Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So much going on

Oh I have been a bad blogger. February was the last post! My goodness!

Wow. Ok what was happened since then! Well first of all, I am not working any more. The factory where I worked was not air-conditioned and since June we have been getting temperatures in the high 90's F (33+ C). And with the humidity and the fact that it's a big metal factory with machines running at 375 degrees, it got very uncomfortable. Not to mention the migraines I was getting every day.

I still don't have my license. It is such a pain to get it plus we have hardly any time for me to practice driving. But I really want to get it sorted out asap. It's driving me insane being home all the time and almost trapped here because Billy sleeps all day then is at work all night. And Ashley is at that age where he really doesn't want to hang out with me any more. So I am lonely a lot of the time.

My depression got the best of me for a while there and I was in a pretty dark place for some time. Which I think has hurt some possible friendships. But I guess I don't really want friends who run when I am at my lowest.

I am trying really hard to not let things get to me. It's hard because that is who I am and always have been and although I don't like that part of myself, it's hard to change a lifetime habit.

I have some big news but I am keeping that for a separate post!

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  1. oh dont leave us in the dark!! share all your news with us!!!! hehe.

    great to see you blogging again, i love hearing how you are going, even at your lowest you are still a special chick and i love ya!! <3


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