Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Healthy eating

Lately Ashley has been getting home and having unhealthy snacks all afternoon. Chips, crackers, pop tarts etc. But this past week I decided I don't want him to be eating such unhealthy foods and grazing all afternoon before dinner. So I am making him an afternoon snack for him to have that is much healthier and should hold him over until dinner time.

Here are some of the snacks he has been having:

This was the first one I made for him. Turkey & cheese on wheat bread, apple, celery, carrots and a mini muffin.

Here is what he had yesterday:

This time there is lettuce and tomato on his sandwich and grapes and chips.


He has really been enjoying these snacks and not asking for anything else before dinner. It does look like a lot of food, but remember he is 16 and about 6 foot tall.

Now I just need to eat better!


  1. looks great nikki! i will send you a link of a lady in the US who has a blog and posts the lunches etc she makes for her kids. they are little kids but some great ideas! xo


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