Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Bag!

Me and my men went shopping today in search of a few things. I really wanted a new handbag that was big enough to fit my usual stuff + my camera. I have a big camera bag that fits all my lenses and stuff but it's not practical for everyday use.

So first of all we went to the Webb Road Flea Market. Now these markets burnt down about 2 months ago and so all the vendors are in temporary shelters and I have a feeling that many of them just aren't there anymore. There really wasn't any bags there I liked. However I did find a place with some nice boots, but nothing in my size :(

Then we headed down to Kannapolis and I went into Shoe Dept. which is a shoe store that also carries bags. I found one that I quite liked but we needed to go to Walmart anyway so I thought I would just check in there before I settled on that one.

Well Walmart had nothing I liked so after we left there I ran back into Shoe Dept and grabbed the bag. I was going to get the black one, but I really liked the brown and I want to get a pair of brown boots so I thought this would work out fine.

Here is it:

Close up:

The photos aren't great but I had to take them in a hurry as we are getting ready to go out to eat here in a bit.


  1. love it! i have asked for a big brown bag for christmas this year too :)brown is the new black :)


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