Thursday, October 21, 2010

New direction

I am trying to change a few things in my life. I don't like how I have been feeling lately and am thinking some change is in order.

One of the changes is the way I treat this blog. I don't tend to post on here much as I never feel like I have anything to say and that not many people are reading it. So I tend to go months without posting. I am going to try to post a lot more.

One of the things I want to start doing is food posts. I love food. I love cooking, trying out new foods and places to eat. Plus it might be interesting for my Aussie friends to see the food from here.

Also if you do read this and there is something you think would be cool for me to post about, let me know. I am always looking for ideas.


  1. i would love to see the differences between here and there :) cant think of a better person to show us than you!! xo

  2. I love everything you have to talk post away!


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