Friday, October 22, 2010

Sogo Express

I knew moving to the USA I would be sacrificing many things I took for granted in Australia, good coffee for example. Japanese food was one I was not expecting.

Real Japanese food is nothing like what is served in so called Japanese restaurants here. I studied Japanese for 3 years. I actually wanted to be a Japanese Chef when I left school, things didn't turn out the way I planned so that dream was lost, however my appreciation and knowledge of Japanese cuisine has stayed with me.

Did you know that 80% of Japanese restaurants in the USA are run by Chinese people. Now some people may not realise how big a different there is between the 2 cultures. But its huge.

Japanese rice is never fried. It's plain, white and steamed. The only noodles they eat are Udon noodles:


There is also a misconception that sushi raw fish. Yes some of it is, but only a small percentage. The raw fish is called Sashimi. And it's actually delicious! But you can eat sushi and not have any seafood at all.

Japanese food is extremely healthy and very fresh when done right. I am yet to find a place around here that does it right.

Anyway the point of this post was that we decided to try a place we were told about and one of the people who told me about it assured me it was the real deal. As soon as I walked in I knew this person had no idea what real Japanese food was.

Here is their menu:


Now when I saw this I had to laugh. There is another place here called Tokyo Express. And their menu is almost identical. And it is NOT Japanese food. It's not bad food, but it is NOT Japanese food. No where near it.

But we had a short amount of time to eat before we had to get home for Ashley's bus so we thought we would just deal.

Billy ordered the exact same thing he gets from Tokyo Express, Steak and Shrimp. It comes with Fried Rice (so not Japanese), sweet carrots (again ??) and cocktail sauce, which is pretty much thousand island dressing (WTF?) but I digress. Here is his lunch:

Lunch at Sogo

I ordered the Noodles with Steak and Vegetables:

And we got some Egg Rolls to share:

(Please excuse the quality of the photos, I took them with my iPhone so they aren't great)

I actually liked my meal. It was quite good. The steak was really tender and there was not fat or gristle. But it wasn't Japanese food. Billy enjoyed his. He isn't as fussy as I am though.

So would I go to Sogo's again. Probably. But I would never refer to it as Japanese food.


  1. lol ive never seen the japanese eat food like that.

  2. I know nothing about Japanese cuisine but this sure looks tasty! Hope you find the real food you are looking for! :)

  3. If you find a place to get real Japanese food around here PLEASE let me know!

  4. When are you going to make me REAL Japanese food? :D I'm eager to try it now. Of course I've never known anything different then what Sogo's has.


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