Monday, November 22, 2010


Mowing Billy

I want to talk about my husband for a little bit. If you don't like sappy, mushy stuff, then you might want to skip this post.

Almost 6 years ago I was a sad, broken, lonely girl. I had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship that had not been happy. New Years Eve I decided I needed cheering up so I paid a visit to a funny website and joined in a few of the forum posts.

From those posts I came across a young man who I struck up a conversation with. Fast forward to today and we are married and have lived on 2 different continents together and been through more than most couples have in their lifetimes.

We never fight. We never degrade the other person. We laugh together all the time. We get each other so completely it scares me sometimes. We finish each others sentences. This is the kind of stuff you see in movies. Sometimes I want to pinch myself because it doesn't seem real. When he kisses me I still get weak knees.

This man would do anything for me and Ashley. He works so hard at his job, he is usually covered in bruises and scratches all the time from his job. He has to wear a knee brace most of the time.

But he does it for us. So we can pay our bills and eat and have this house. He never gets enough sleep. He rarely gets any free time. But he rarely complains.

He is my Knight.

And I will never stop loving him.

03/365 - Bokeh Billy


  1. Awww Nikki, You are both so lucky to have found each other. I think you are both adorable together and your love is very obvious in your pictures. I for one like sappy and I hope someday I can have what you have. Xoxoxo


    I love this one!

  3. Awww he sounds like a keeper :)

  4. such a lovely guy!!! it must have been fate!! xox

  5. How did I miss the fact that you blogged?!

    Obviously, I only know you through your hubby, but I think you are the bees knees too, and know he does.

    I think you are both so incredibly lucky to have found each other.

    Having grown up with your hubby as my cousin and friend, I second the fact that he is awesome. There are few people in the world as caring as he is.


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