Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taste of China

Last week Billy & I were doing some grocery shopping in our little town of China Grove and it was about 1pm and we were both quite hungry. Now there isn't a lot to choose from in our small town, no McD's or any of the other fast food places we like. The only places are Hardee's or pizza places. Hardee's is WAY down the list of places for me. It's not that they are bad, it's just when it's the only burger place in town, you tend to get sick of it after a while.

So anyway we were thinking thinking what to get and right behind us was a Chinese take out that we kept talking about trying. It's called The Taste of China (in China Grove mind you haha)

So anyway, Billy didn't want anything too spicy as he had to have a nap before work so he got a large special fried rice:

I didn't get a chance to try it but he said it was ok. A little on the oily side but not too bad.

I got the Sweet & Sour chicken lunch special:

The chicken was GOOD! They use chicken tender pieces which are so good! It's like the best part! The S & S sauce was nice and tangy, but my rice, like Billy's was on the oily side.

We also got 2 spring rolls each:

Now I also assumed the spring rolls were what they called Egg Rolls here, nope, they are different. Egg rolls are in something very similar to what Chicko Rolls (Aussies you know what I mean) are wrapped in. Like a thicker, chewer pastry shell. The spring rolls were yum!

I had to take a photo of the little boxes the rice came in. I love these boxes!

Overall it wasn't bad. Not something we would get in a hurry again, but it wasn't awful. And it was pretty cheap.

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