Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weight Watchers


So I did it. I joined Weight Watchers this morning! And not only that, I DROVE myself there! All by myself.

So there it is. My weight. 201 pounds (91kg). My scales here at home are different to the ones at the meeting, they say I am 198 pounds (90kg). The heaviest I got to was 210 pounds (95kg) a few months ago. I did get down to 194 pounds (88kg) on my scales here at home but lately I had been a bit naughty and gained a few pounds back.

This is the heaviest I have ever been. It's really depressing. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am home all the time. I have never gone this long without working in my life, except when I was in school. Even when Ashley was a baby I worked part time. So I get bored very easily. I don't get out of the house much as the nights Billy works he sleeps pretty much all day. Then on his days off we run around like crazy people trying to get everything done so it's all over the place.

But back to the weight. My ultimate goal is to get into my healthy weight range, which for my height is between 117 pounds (53kg) and 146 pounds (66kg). Being a girl with natural curves I would prefer to be around the middle somewhere, Billy doesn't want me to lose certain parts of my anatomy, if you get my drift! hehe

So anyway the Weight Watchers plan is WAY different to what I am used to. For one you get more points per day, secondly all fresh fruit is ZERO points! Even banana's! Which shocked me! Also on top of your daily points allowance you get 49 weekly points O_o  ... I still don't fully understand it myself. But I don't think I am planning on using them unless I have a special occasion or something (or lunch at Olive Garden! haha)

After I got home from the meeting I woke up Billy and we went to the grocery store so I could stock up on healthy food. I got a bunch or fruit and vegies and some other stuff.

What I ate/drank today:

Early Grey Tea with 1% milk and 2 sugars - 2 points

Whole-wheat sandwich thins - 3 points
 1 tbs whipped cream cheese - 0 points (I don't know if I believe that)
4 slices of ham - 2 points
Sierra Mist can - 4 points (I will be cutting back on these for sure!!!)

I piece of salmon - 3 points
Baked potato with sour cream, cheese and bacon bits - 5.5 points
Black eyed peas - 2 points
Zucchini & mushrooms - 0 points
Allow for oil that potatoes and fish were cooked with - 1 point

Apple - 0 Points
Banana & walnut oatmeal with 1% milk - 5 points

So out of my 30 points allowance I still have 3 left. But I don't want to eat anything else.


  1. very proud of you nikki. i weigh about that at the moment and yes its depressing, but you are well on your way to getting back that healthy invigorated bod!!

  2. good on you nikki! i couldn't really afford weight watchers in the end so i didn't keep going... but i wish i could! maybe i can try and work it around this year!

    the new plan sounds great!



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