Saturday, February 19, 2011

19/2 Food

More food =P

Billy worked really late last night and for some reason I couldn't sleep so we both got up fairly late. And we had go into town so I skipped breakfast! Terrible I know!

So when we got home I was STARVING! At Food Lion I picked up some cubed steak which is very lean and quite small so I fried up a piece in 1 tsp oil and garlic. Then a huge salad with balsamic.

I haven't had much red meat lately but it was good! I bought a couple of small packs and froze them individually as Billy isn't a big fan and neither is Ashley. Here is a close-up of my yummy salad. 

It's baby spinach, arugula (rocket), baby lettuce, persian cucumber and celery. Normally there would be more vegies in it but I didn't have all of the usual ones.

I didn't photograph dinner, which was Udon Soup and smoked turkey. Then after dinner I had some very yummy strawberries and pineapple.

And I had one of these!!

Sooo good! And only 3 points. I still have 13 points left tonight! 


  1. we have skinny cow icecreams here and i dont like them :( they are too 'icy' and not creamy enough for my liking. that steak looks yum!!

  2. ooooh yummy. that looks delicious. i love the heart shaped meat hehe.

    ooh ooh, you are getting soo skinny!! YOU COW :P

    how many points per day do you get? i get 37 on the new plan! i cannot believe how many i get haha!


  3. Donna I get 29 now. I started with 30. Do you guys get the 49 weekly points too? I have only used them once, for our anniversary dinner.

  4. yup we get them too. i used them all last week and still lost 2.3 kilos. i will try not to use too many this week.

    my mum is on 29 as well.. i am on 36 this week as my weight has gone down.


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