Saturday, February 12, 2011

How it began

So I had no idea what to blog about here lately and one of my friends on Facebook, Cyndi, suggested I write about how I got into photography.

Well I have always loved taking photos. For as long as I remember I have owned a camera in some shape or form.

When I really started getting interested in it for more than family snapshots was in about 2001 or so when my BF at the time got me my very first digital camera for Christmas. It was a Dolphin Jazz 2MP camera and at the time very cool! Here are some photos taken with it:


Billy & Nikki

Not fantastic but for a fairly cheap camera it didn't do too bad. I had it for quite a few years before I upgraded to a Fujifilm Finepix S5600. I got that in 2006 and I loved it so much! Here are some photos from it:




I mainly used my camera to take photos of outings eg: to the beach or of special events. Then a friend of mine online, Donna, blogged about a 365 Project she was doing on Flickr where you take a self portrait every day for a year. I loved looking at hers and others photos and started getting more and more interested in photography. I wanted to always have a camera with me, but my Fuji was big and bulky. So in 2008 I got a Canon IXUS 1100SD camera that was small enough to fit in my bag or pocket. Here are some photos I took with it:

Purple macro flower


75/365 - yes yes another eye shot

I LOVE this little camera! It takes such good photos for such a tiny thing. I still used it a lot. I started taking photos of everything and always had it with me. But then I started seeing the amazing photos on Flickr taken with DSLR cameras and the amazing versatility they seemed to have.

So when we moved to the USA I had some money from selling all of my things and bought a Canon Rebel XSi (450D) and that is when the love affair with photography REALLY took off. I have 3 lenses now and they are just so much fun to play with.

Here is a sample:

I have taken literally thousands of photos of the past few years. The numbers on my XSi have cycled through twice already! I love photography and I really need to get back into it more again. I have kind of lost my mojo.

I have a Flickr account with my photos here:


  1. awww thanks Nikki! i love photos as much as you do!! :D i still have to feature you on my blog.. you just reminded me hehee xox

  2. I *love* your photos. You really have a gift.


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