Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weightloss update

I haven't updated about Weight Watchers for a few weeks so I thought I had better. I have been doing really well on it. This is probably the most focussed I have been on Weight Watchers in the whole time I have ever done it. I have 100% support from Billy and being home during the day helps with food choices and time to prepare etc.

I am loving all the healthy food. Salad and fruit and yogurt and lean meat. I feel better, my skin has been better and I am losing weight.

I have lost every week so far. First weigh-in I lost 3.2lbs, second week I lost 1.4lbs, third 2.6lbs. 7.2 lbs in total (3.2kg). My clothes fit better and my jeans are even starting to get loose.

My friend Andrea took me down to check out Trader Joe's. I am in love! It's a store that sells organic, healthy foods. Their fruits and vegetables are so fresh and the selection is fantastic!

Here is a bunch of stuff Billy & I got this week. I have switched over to soy milk aswell, I love it in cereal! I am also eating english muffins instead of bread as they have less sugar and calories. I eat a big bowl of salad at least once a day.

One of my favourite desserts is a chopped up apple in yogurt and cottage cheese:


  1. good work Nikki!! :D that apple dish looks yummmmmy xox i bet you are soo happy!!!

  2. All that food looks so yummy! You go girl! =)

  3. well done nikki i am proud of you darling xox


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