Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yummy dessert

Last time we were at Trader Joe's we grabbed some of these mini meringues. I worked out the points and it was 3 points for 4 of them.

So tonight I had a great idea to make a mock pavlova type dessert with them.

Here is what I used:

Mini meringues
Fat Free whipped cream
fruit (I used strawberries and kiwi fruit)

I was able to use 3 meringues for only 2 points and 1 cup of the Reddi Wip was 1 point.

I broke up the meringues:

Then I added the Reddi Wip and mixed it up. Then chopped up the fruit and put it on top. 

And that's it. A delicious 3 point dessert! YUM!


  1. That looks good. I love Trader Joes too! Followed your link through the WW boards :)

  2. wow i can't believe they're 3 points. yum!


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