Saturday, March 12, 2011


Ok so I used to eat crumpets ALL the time in Australia. They are one of my most favourite things to eat for breakfast. But they aren't common here. I was told a while ago that Trader Joe's carried them but when I went there the first time we asked and they no longer stocked them.

Well yesterday I went with my friend Andrea and we were in line at the checkout and the guy in front had a packet of them and I FREAKED OUT! So I got 2 packs of them! Only downside is I prefer whole wheat ones but they only had white or cinnamon (blugh!) so I got the white ones.

They are 3 points each so I will only have 1 at a time and freeze the rest. This morning I had one with butter (teeny bit) and honey.

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  1. cinnamon crumpets?? bloody disgusting i reckon. not a fan of cinnamon anything anymore...


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