Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter in Australia

One of the differences with Australia and the USA that I don't get is the lack of Easter Eggs over here. They have a few things like Cadbury Creme eggs and mini eggs but nothing like what I am used to back home.

I asked some of my Aussie friends if they would take some photos for me in supermarkets over there so I could show my American peeps just what it's like there.

Here are a some taken by my friends Donna, Liz & Richelle:

So you can see we are pretty serious about our Easter Eggs in Australia. The section for them is huge normally and there are just so many different kinds. It's one thing I do miss. 

Another thing I miss is Hot Cross Buns. I am not a fan of the ones with fruit in them, but there are plenty of fruitless ones available there. Sadly they aren't available here.

Hot Cross Buns!

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