Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The photo above captures so well how I feel lately. Things have been really good lately, except for the passing of Billy's grandfather of course. But life for the most part has been wonderful. I haven't felt depressed in so long.

I think there are a few things that has contributed to this:

  1. Eating healthier. I feel better physically. My skin and hair are healthier and I am losing weight so I look better!
  2. Weight loss - This in itself gives me more confidence and gives me more energy and motivation.
  3. Not allowing people to hurt me anymore. I am done with negative influences in my life. People who I thought were my friends turning against me for no reason. Also learning who my true friends were and that I have a lot of them. 
  4. My husband. He always makes me happy. 
  5. My son. He is just wonderful and I am so blessed to be his mother.
  6. My friends. My wonderful, supportive friends who are always there for me and will never turn their back on my and never stab me in mine.
There are many other things but these are the things that make me happy everyday.

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  1. You look great! And there seems to be glow about you these days that jumps right into the things you write.

    It seems as if your healthier life-style isn't just limited to food either.

    You are a wonderful woman. And I am so very blessed to call you friend!


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