Friday, March 4, 2011

Lemon & herb chicken

Last night I made one of my favourite dishes. Lemon & herb grilled chicken. I used to make a variation of this back when Ashley was a baby. I hadn't made it in years and one day recently when we were at Trader Joe's I saw their selection of fresh herbs and I remembered it and was determined to put it back in my life and belly!

It is really easy to make but so tasty!

All I do is take chopped fresh rosemary, chopped fresh basil, crushed garlic and lemon juice, combine.

I take skinless and boneless chicken breast fillets and butterfly them to make them the same thickness. Then place them in a dish and pour over the lemon herb mixture.

I put it in the fridge for a few hours to marinate. Then when I am ready to cook them, I just put them on the George Foreman grill.

I serve them with brown rice & steamed vegies. YUM! And very healthy!

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