Friday, March 25, 2011

My birthday

So it was my 35th birthday on Tuesday. We had plans to go out to eat etc but things didn't turn out that way.

My first present was when I put on the clothes I was planning on wearing and every piece was loose! I was so happy! The skirt was always a little tight and never looked 100% right, now it sits really nicely. The top is almost too big, It gapes at the top, luckily I wore a tank top under it.

I love pink so I really wanted to wear pink on my birthday! 

I had my eye on a handbag that I saw when I was out with Andrea a few weeks ago and when I got some money for my birthday I knew what I wanted to spend it on!

It doesn't do the colour justice. I just love it! I love that it's a sling bag which means I can have it with me and still have both arms completely free. Also it is so soft. And big enough for my camera.

My mum sent me some money to get myself some charms for my Pandora bracelet. I have wanted the Owl charm for a while and with the left over money I got a Bow spacer.

I had a good day. I got to spend it with Billy & Ashley, thankfully Billy had the night off.


  1. You look beautiful!! You look great! So good!! Love the outfit, purse, charms! =) I'm glad it was a good birthday for you!

  2. i am glad you had a nice birthday nikki!!! i love your skirt it's so pretty xoxox

  3. you look great...happy belated birthday.


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