Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My first gain

Weighed in yesterday and I had my first ever gain! 0.2lb or 90g! haha A banana weighs more than that! I am not depressed about it at all because I know it's fluid retention from that "time" of the month. I always gain about 2-3lb usually at that time, so I am actually stoked about it! It means I lost again. I haven't weighed in on the first day of my "cycle" until now so it has never shown before.

I jumped on the scales here at home this morning and I am already 1.5lb down from yesterday. So yay!


  1. pffft that's nothing!

    i didn't weigh in this week koz i was sick, so i am hoping for a good loss next week. i am sure you will have one too!

  2. This happened to me too...but it was a gain of 1.2lb :-/. I think I may skip the "cycle" weigh-ins b/c it made it look like I loss over 3lbs the next week.


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