Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Apple & Pizza

I ate something from Trader Joe's at every meal today, most of it was good, one thing was BAD! For breakfast I had a crumpet again, with honey & butter. I think I may leave these as a rare treat as they really have no nutritional value, unlike my Kashi cereal.

Lunch today was something new again. I have been trying the Trader Joe's Chicken sausages. They have lots of different flavours and today's was Sweet Apple. I have heard people RAVE about them on the WW boards so I finally succumbed to them.

I cut 1 in half and fried in in some oil with a few mushrooms quartered. While they were cooking I made a side salad with my favourite Sorrento mix (baby spinach, rocket and baby lettuce), Persian cucumber, celery, grape tomatoes and fat free crumbled feta. And of course Balsamic vinegar! I toasted an English muffin to have with it also.

The sausages were quite good, perhaps a little too sweet. I prefer my meat to be savoury but they were pretty good. The mushrooms were REALLY good though, they took on some of the flavour of the sausages and it was good.

My salad was DELICIOUS! Love me some feta!

The same day we got the sausages I picked up a frozen pizza from Trader Joe's also. It was called No Guilt Pizza Primavera and it said it had yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant & bell peppers (capsicum).

Looks and sounds pretty darn yummy doesn't it. Well this is what it actually looked like:

I still had hope though and stuck it in the oven. I have a trick with pizza, I always bake it first then stick it under the grill for a few minutes also to get the top nice and cooked. And I did that with this one also.

It didn't help. The topping was a soggy, tasteless mess. I really think it was just eggplant. I couldn't tell what most of it was and it all had a horrible texture. So I picked most of it off and just ate the base. Will NOT be buying that again. And it was 7 points which is a lot so I feel ripped off! 

Oh well, lesson learnt. When we go to Trader Joe's on Tuesday I am going to buy some large pita breads and make my own damn pizza!


  1. that pizza looks NOTHING like the picture on the box. i'd be complaining if i was you.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this tasteless pizza. I do think making your own is the way to go....


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