Tuesday, April 26, 2011

30 Songs in 30 Days

I have seen this on Facebook and a few other places so I thought I might do it too. You basically post a song that matches what's on the list for that day. Here is the list:

Day 1: Your Favorite Song
Day 2: Your LEAST favorite
Day 3: A Song That Makes You Happy
Day 4: A Song That Makes You SAD
Day 5: Song That Reminds you of SOMEONE
Day 6: Song That Reminds you of SOMEWHERE
Day 7: Song That Reminds You of An Event
Day 8: Song You Know ALL the Words TO
Day 9: Song That YOU DANCE to
--Day 10: Song That Makes You Fall Asleep
Day 11: Song From Your Favorite Band
Day 12: Song From a Band You "hate"
Day 13: Guilty Pleasure Song
Day 14: Song NOONE would expect you to LOVE
Day 15: Song that DESCRIBES YOU
Day 16: Song I USED to LOVE but now DESPISE
Day 17: Song you Hear often on the RADIO
Day 18: Song you WISH you would hear on the RADIO
Day 19: Song from your favorite Album
Day 20: Song You listen to, when you are ENRAGED!
Day 21: Song You listen to when you are HAPPY!!
Day 22: Song you listen to when you are SAD
Day 23: Song You'll Play at your WEDDING
Day 24: Song you'll want PLAYED at your FUNERAL
Day 25: Song That Makes You Laugh
Day 26: Song You can Play on an INSTRUMENT
Day 27: Song You Wished You Could Play
Day 28: Song That Makes You Feel Guilty
Day 29: Song From Your Childhood
Day 30: Your FAVORITE song, from this TIME, LAST YEAR

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