Monday, April 25, 2011


Sorry for the absence. I have been pretty sick the past week or so. I have bronchitis and have felt like death and not really felt up to blogging. I still don't feel great. Better than earlier in the week but I still get dizzy and lethargic every now and then. And this cough is driving me bonkers!

Plus today that monthly visitor came a week early! I usually have a very set cycle so this was a surprise. I am thinking it's because I have been sick, but who knows.

I have weigh in tomorrow and I am not expecting much at all. I have been tracking pretty much every day except yesterday and I don't think I went over much at all. We had Easter lunch at Billy's grandmothers house and I didn't eat much and what I did eat wasn't too bad. Plus I had all my daily points and 45 of my weeklies to use.

But I am thinking because I bloat up like a balloon during TOM that I will either have a very small loss, maintain or have a small gain. What ever happens I am not fussed. I would just like to feel human again!!

Hopefully this will be gone soon. I took my last anti-biotic today so I am hoping they have done their job.

I'll be posting about yesterday in a little while.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon Nikki. You never know, being ill might give you another loss this week! Good luck xox


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