Friday, April 22, 2011

Comfort food

I mentioned in my food dairy about how I had been sick and wanting to eat just comfort food. So over the past few days I have been eating a little different than usual.

On Wednesday I wanted something hot for breakfast so I made some eggs on whole wheat muffins with ketchup! Yum!

I had been something in particular the past few days and for lunch I had it. I took one of these:

One of these:

And these:

Add them all together:

Roll it up:

This time I just ate it as is. But today I had one and put in in my sandwich press and it was so good! 

Yesterday I went to the doctor and found out I had bronchitis, which I suspected. I felt so cruddy because I hadn't slept well and I was hungry so we went to Bojangles and I got this:

Sorry about the photo, I took it with my phone. I ate all of it except the biscuit. It was 22 points, but I hadn't eaten any like it since I started Weight Watchers in January and I have lost 20 lbs! So I think I deserved it! Plus I was sick! 

So that has been my comfort eating the past few days. I haven't wanted cereal because I am all mucusy and milk just doesn't taste right.

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  1. Wow that wrap thing looks yumo! I want one! I'm so having one when the banana's are cheap again (at the moment they're around $13 per kilo!!)

    Btw, good on you for keeping inside your points limit even when living on comfort type food! :)


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