Monday, April 25, 2011


So it was Easter this past weekend and we spent Sunday at Billy's grandmothers house with his parents.

It was quite a warm day and I was still not feeling 100% but it was great seeing them all and hanging out. I adore his family so much and I love that we all live so close that we get to spend holidays together. It was sad being the first holiday without Pawpaw, but he was there in spirit.

Mawmaw and Debbie both went all out as usual with the food. I didn't eat too much but I did enjoy myself and didn't worry too much about my diet etc.

Here is what we had:

First we have devilled eggs, a staple at almost every family gathering. They are my favourite!

Potato salad:

Sweet potato casserole:

Green beans & corn:

Creamed (mashed) potatoes:

Country ham:

Beef noodles:

Then Banana Pudding for dessert:

I only had a small amount of everything and really enjoyed it. The banana pudding was so good!

After we ate, Billy & Steve hid the eggs so Ashley could find them. Here are a few photos:

Billy's parents put money in the eggs instead of candy which suited me just fine! He got enough candy that morning so he didn't need any more! All of them except 1 had quarters (25c) and 1 had a $1 bill.

It was a great day. I wish we could have stayed all day but Billy had to work. Luckily we all get to see each other again for Mother's Day.

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