Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I did it!


I lost 1.4lb!!!!!!!!!!!! I made my 10% goal and then some! I was honestly not expecting to hit it this week. I was REALLY hoping I would but I try to be realistic so I don't feel let down. 

You should have seen me after I weighed in! I was literally dancing on the spot! 

So I got the fabled Keyring:

In all the years I have done Weight Watchers I have never gotten this far on the plan. I have lost lots of weight before but usually it's been due to stress or other factors. I am so proud of myself. You have no idea.

So in 15 weeks I have lost 20.2lb (9.1kg). Not bad!


  1. Congratulations!! Awesome job :D

  2. nikki, awesome job! i have weigh in tonight and i don't know what i will lose but i am inspired by you!

    it's week 9 for us this week. i am 4.5 down so far! :D xxxx

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    Donna you are doing so well!!! Let me know who you go at weigh in!!


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