Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lemon Meringue dessert

I was browsing a great WW recipe website, Danica's Daily and I found a quick and easy recipe for a WW friendly dessert that was similar to a lemon meringue. Being a BIG fan of lemon meringue I swore I would try it. So today I got all the ingredients (all 3 of them) and made it for myself tonight. I am glad it was easy to make as I have the flu and have no energy what so ever.

What you need is:

1 low fat graham cracker (2 points). Crumble the cracker up into crumbs and put into a small bowl. Now I am not sure if my Aussie readers can get graham crackers there. But I am sure there is something else that would suffice. Even maybe a couple of milk arrowroot biscuits. I used these:

1/2 cup of 0% fat Greek yogurt (2 points). Place on top of cracker crumbs. I used this:

Lemon curd (1 tbs 3 points, 1 tsp 1 point). Use as little or as much of this as you like, just track it depending on how much you used. The original recipe only used 1 tsp where I used 1 tbs. I actually read it wrong but I love lemon so I was ok with it.

And voila you have a yummy, quick dessert. All up it was 7 points. Which is a little high and a piece of normal lemon meringue pie isn't much more than that, BUT you are getting dairy in with this, where you wouldn't with a normal LM pie. So it is much healthier. Also you could use less lemon curd.

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