Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weigh-in 12/04


2 lbs gone! Wooohooooo! Now I only have 1.2lb to go before I get my 10% loss keyring and 20lb loss! I have never gotten the 10% reward before. I have never been this successful with Weight Watchers. I am going to blog about why I think I have been so successful here soon. 

But anyway, I am stoked!


  1. gooo nikki! that is awesome news babe!

    i have my weigh in tonight and its in about and hours time so i will let you know how i go. i am hoping to get my 5% tonight!! :D xxxx

  2. i lost 0.8 this week!! WOOO!!!!

  3. That's awesome!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!


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