Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weigh-in 31/05


A gain. It wasn't a surprise but it sure wasn't deserved! I have been 100% on plan for weeks. I even did a bit of exercise on the Wii this week. I used 4 of my weeklies and I gained. Weird.

I really have no explanation for the gain. It's not TOM, my sodium intake was normal. I guess it's just one of those weight mysteries. 

But I am totally cool with it. 0.2lb is nothing. It's 100g. Nothing!

Monday, May 30, 2011

A story of a tree

I have literally run out of ideas to blog about so I am just going to blog about random things. Today's random post is about our pecan tree in our front yard.

I first "met" this tree in May 2005. It was a tiny little thing. I remember Billy tying it to a stake as it was so weak in the wind. See it in the left of the photo. Maybe about 1.5 feet tall.

The next time I saw this tree was in October 2008 when we moved back here from Australia. It had about doubled it's height in those 3 years that we were gone. Also notice there is now a house in the lot next door.

I know I have more photos of this tree on my old laptop but it is currently out of commission at the moment so here is one from July 2010. You can see it has definitely grown a lot in the past few years.

One of things I love so much about living in this country is the deciduous trees. I love watching the leaves change colours in the fall and then the bare trees asleep in the winter time. Then the anticipation of the new leaves bursting out in Spring. Call me lame, I don't care. I love it!

Here it is during winter 2010:

Here it is just before Spring this year in March.

And here is it sprouting new leaves in April this year:

And finally this one was taken on May 2nd this year. I have one from last year with Billy standing next to it, but of course its on the dead laptop. But you can tell just by the birdfeeder that it has grown a bunch.

So that is our pecan tree. Hopefully one day it will look like this one in the back of Billy's grandparents home:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 24: Song you'll want PLAYED at your FUNERAL

Gosh how morbid!

But I do have a song all picked out.

I adore this song, but it makes me cry. I really hope you listen to it. It's beautiful.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Food Diary: 27/05



55g Kashi Golean cereal - 5 points
1 cup soy milk - 2 points
1 x banana - 0 points


Baked beans

195g Baked Beans - 3 points
2 x slices TJ's Rye bread - 2 points
1/2 tbs butter - 1 point
vegemite - 0 points


1 x homemade Double Cheeseburger - 11 points

2 small oranges - 0 points
1/2 cup strawberries - 0 points
1 pack Crystal Light white grape - 0 points
33g raw almonds - 5 points

TOTAL = 29 out of 29 points used
47 out of 49 Weekly points remaining.


15 mins Wii Fit Advanced Step - 1 point
8 minutes assorted yoga - 0 points

Friday, May 27, 2011

Amazing technology

I love Information Technology.

I love the Internet.

You know why? Because you can't hide on the Internet. Everything you do on the Internet, your IP address is recorded.

And with special programs, your IP address will show exactly where you are. So if people are harassing you or stalking you online and they THINK they are doing it anonymously, they aren't. You can see exactly where they are on a map.

Isn't that fabulous!

I find it rather strange that people who are happy that I am out of their lives feel the need to keep coming to my blog to spy on me. What is it that is so fascinating about me that you can't stay away? You obviously don't like me, going by your actions but you still come here to my blog.

I have moved on. You really should too. Find something good about your own life and stop focussing so much on mine.


I had a hankering for a cheeseburger today so I decided to make one for dinner. I took:

100g extra lean ground beef - 3 points
1 tbs bread crumbs - 1 point
1 tbs bbq sauce - 1 point
2 tbs egg beaters - 0 points

Mixed it all together with my hands (in gloves hehe) then shaped them into 2 patties:

Fried them in 1 tsp oil, put then on a whole wheat bun (3 points) with 1 slice of cheese halved on each patty (2 points) 1 tbs ketchup (0 points) and some pickles and diced onion.


Day 23: Song You'll Play at your WEDDING

You might notice I skip some of the days. They are things like: Song you hear on the radio (I don't listen to the radio) and the last 2 were almost identical to previous days. So I am going to skip them.

So here are songs I would have had at our wedding if we had a traditional one.

I want to walk down the aisle to this song:

And we would dance to this:

Day 20: Song You listen to, when you are ENRAGED!

I don't really get enraged. But I can get annoyed or pissed off occasionally. Here are a few songs that I dedicate to those people who have pissed me off:

Food Diary 26/05


55g Kashi Golean Honey Flax cereal - 5 points
1 cup soy milk - 2 points
1 x banana - 0 points
Earl Grey tea with fat free milk & Splenda - 1 point


2 x TJ's Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Sausages - 6 points
salad with balsamic vinegar - 0 points


1 x Chile Lime Chicken Burger - 3 points
2 x slices TJ's Rye bread - 2 points
25g avocado mashed with garlic & lemon juice - 1 point
1 tsp canola oil - 1 point

1 x WW Candy Bar Ice Cream - 4 points
1 x Orange - 0 points

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk with chai tea - 1 point
15g almonds - 2 points

TOTAL = 29 out of 29 used

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bird Watching

After we had dinner and Billy left for work this afternoon/evening I went out the back to feed the dogs and there were a bunch of hummingbirds zooming around the feeders. I realised they were empty so I filled them all up and decided I would get the camera and try to get some photos.

I got these out the back. There always seems to be one that chases others away from the feeders. This guy was sitting down on the fence next to the deck.

You can tell he is a male because of his red throat, the females don't have that.

The dogs started messing around so I decided to go and sit out on the lawn out front near the bird feeder and nectar feeder to see if I could get some photos out there. 

This guy was guarding the feeder out here. It seems to be the males chasing away the females. How mean!

No birds came to the feeder near me, but a few were on the other one. Hopefully if I sit out there a few times they might get used to me. The hummingbirds didn't seem to mind at all. 

Cassie followed me outside and plopped herself under the Crape Myrtle tree. She didn't stay out for long though. Once I noticed this, I took her inside.

Such a naughty kitty!

Then I saw a Mockingbird fly into the Crape Myrtle and climb into the middle of it so I was curious. And look what I found:

A nest!!! No wonder Cassie likes this tree!

Here is the builder:

It was great just sitting out there and watching all the birds and bugs. I am going to do it again tomorrow!

Food Diary: 25/05



53g Kashi Golean Honey Flax cereal - 5 points
1 cup soy milk - 2 points
1 x banana - 0 points
Earl Grey Tea with skim milk & splenda - 1 point


3 x Lean Cuisine Thai Spring Rolls - 5 points
Large salad - baby spinach, wasabi arugula, celery, cucumber - 0 points
28g Fat Free Feta - 1 point
Balsamic vinegar - 1 point


100g salmon - 3 points
2 tsp canola oil - 2 points
100g sweet potato - 2 points
butternut squash - 0 points
brussel sprouts - 0 points
roasted garlic - 0 points


2 x slices TJ's 7 Grain bread - 2 points
2 tbs TJ's Reduced Sugar Apricot Preserves - 2 points
1/2 tbs butter - 1 point

1 1/2 cups strawberries - 0 points
1 tsp powdered sugar - 0 points

1 x Chobani Greek Yogurt Peach - 3 points

TOTAL = 29 out of 29 daily points used

47 out of 49 weekly points remaining

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 19: Song from your favorite Album

Wow this was a hard one. So I decided I would choose an album that I loved every song that was on it. And hands down it had to be the "Stand By Me" Soundtrack. The Dirty Dancing soundtrack came in a close second but I adore the movie "Stand By Me" so this won.

If you have never seen this movie, please do. It is wonderful. It is based on a novella by Stephen King, my favourite author. 

Food Diary 24/05


I really want to get back into doing this everyday again. I think it helps me be more accountable for my food choices.

1 x banana - 0 points 
1 x Starbucks Venti Skinny Caramel Latte - 4 points
1/3 Starbucks Bacon sandwich - 3 points


2 slices TJ's Unsprouted 7 Grain bread - 2 points
1 tbs roasted garlic hummus - 1 point
1 slice sharp cheddar - 2 points
18g avocado - 1 point
wasabi arugula - 0 points
baby spinach - 0 points
cucumber - 0 points
tomato - 0 points
55g roast beef - 1 point

135g chicken breast fillet - 4 points
1/2 cup brown rice - 3 points


2 squares TJ's Dark Chocolate - 2 points

1 x Chobani Greek Yogurt - 3 points
1 Tim Tam - 3 points
Broccoli - 0 points
2 tbs Light Ranch - 2 points
1 x orange - 0 points
Kale chips - 0 ponts

TOTAL = 31 points used.

47 Weeklies out of 49 left.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Product Review: Lean Cuisine Spring Rolls

I am not usually a fan of frozen meals eg: Lean Cuisine's, Smart One's etc, however these are an exception. Cause they aren't really a meal per say. They come in about 4 flavours I think, but the Thai is my favourite. 

I usually have them with a big bowl of salad for lunch and for 5 Points plus for 3 of them, they are a great treat! I even turned Billy onto them. His favourite are these ones:

I like these too, but the Thai ones have crunchy water chestnuts and curry in them which is really hard to beat. 

You can microwave them or bake them in the oven. I really prefer to take the extra time and cook them in the oven to get them nice and crispy. 

A pack of 6 is usually around $3.50 but we normally can get them on sale for around $2-2.50 and we stock up!

Weigh-in 24/05


I was pleasantly surprised to have a loss this week. I had the "womans" thing this week plus my eating was not great. I didn't go over my points at all, staying within my weeklies, BUT my choices were not great. We went to Trader Joe's on a Sunday and they were out of a lot of things and because of Billy's schedule we couldn't go again so I didn't have all the fresh fruit and vegetables on hand like I normally do so I ate a lot of carbs and not so healthy foods. But I still lost AND

I now am officially out of the Obese BMI range! WOOHOOO! I am so thrilled by that you have no idea! 

My next goal is to lose 30lbs, which I would like to reach by July 4th. That gives me 6 weeks to lose 3.4lb which is really generous. But I like to have realistic goals. 

I am also seriously considering training for a 5k but I have to consult a doctor first about my back. 

I hope everyone else is having a great week and for my friends who are also on a weighloss journey, I hope you get good numbers this week too!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Product Review: Chile Lime Chicken Burgers

I had been eyeing these the past few times we had been at Trader Joe's and finally I decided to give them a try. I asked one of the staff there if they were really spicy and they said they weren't so I grabbed them. I am a wuss when it comes to spicy foods.

So I fried it in my 2 teaspoons of oil (WW requirement).

Then I made a simple guacamole with just some avocado, lemon juice and minced garlic.

Then put it all together on a toasted wheat pita with some sliced up cucumber and some pickles on the side.

It was DELICIOUS! I wish I had have had some tomato to put on it though! That would have been perfect! 

I also recently had one of the burger patties with some roasted vegetables and it was really good just on it's own. 

So these will be a definite regular purchase! And they are only 3 Points Plus! Bargain!

Product Review: Orange Chicken

Last week when we did our regular shop at Trader Joe's we decided we wanted to start trying something new from there each week. So this time we decided to try their Mandarin Orange Chicken.

The display says that it's one of their biggest sellers. 

The week before they were running a competition over the loud speaker and were giving out hints of a product and whoever guessed the product and took it up to the Customer Service counter got to spin the wheel to win a prize. Well I won! And I spun the wheel and won this:

So I decided to make it with the Orange Chicken. I also steamed some broccoli to have with them. Here is my plate:

It was DELICIOUS! The Orange Chicken was sooooo good! It was crispy and the Mandarin Orange sauce was sweet and tangy and just perfect. The Rice pilaf wasn't bad. Nothing spectacular but it was a nice side dish and the orange sauce soaked into it which made it even better.

The Orange Chicken was only 5 points a serve which was really good in my opinion. The Rice Pilaf was 6 points a serve and in all honesty, I would have been happy with just some plain brown rice. But you have to try these things once. Plus it was free!

Billy & Ashley really liked the Orange Chicken too so it will be a regular meal in this house for sure. 

I hope you liked my first product review!

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