Friday, May 27, 2011

Amazing technology

I love Information Technology.

I love the Internet.

You know why? Because you can't hide on the Internet. Everything you do on the Internet, your IP address is recorded.

And with special programs, your IP address will show exactly where you are. So if people are harassing you or stalking you online and they THINK they are doing it anonymously, they aren't. You can see exactly where they are on a map.

Isn't that fabulous!

I find it rather strange that people who are happy that I am out of their lives feel the need to keep coming to my blog to spy on me. What is it that is so fascinating about me that you can't stay away? You obviously don't like me, going by your actions but you still come here to my blog.

I have moved on. You really should too. Find something good about your own life and stop focussing so much on mine.


  1. they are so jealous of you nikki. you are succeeding in weight loss, you have a wonderful husband who loves you and a beautiful son. they are simply jealous.... but you knew that.

    i wish they would leave you the fuck alone though. go away horrible people.

  2. Love you Donna!!!! And you are so right!

  3. YUP!! IP addresses will get you EVERY TIME!!! =)

    Whoever they are, it doesn't say much about them or the kind of life they are living. They seemed to be concerned about your life than living their own. It's sad.

    Personally, I could care less about the lives of the people I am not fond of (I think there is only 1 and I SURELY don't stalk them. I could care less).

    You must have made quite an impression for them to be cyber stalking you like this. lol

    If they have time to be concerned about the people they don't care for, then must not be very happy with their own lives and need to fill the void with something else. Hmmm....I wonder if it's an honor to be chosen... lol JOKING!!

    Seriously though, it is kinda sad. It's so...high school drama. They probably just want to see if you are writing trash about them. Which really only proves that they really don't know you very well at all and since you haven't, you really have moved on.

    Just keep moving on with your life as you are. And if they have nothing better to just busted them. lol


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