Monday, May 9, 2011

My mummy

It was Mother's Day here yesterday and in honour of the day I thought I would share some photos of my mummy. I haven't seen her since February 2008 and I miss her a lot. Thank goodness for the Internet and Skype so I can keep in touch with her.

My mum on the lap of the Mayor
My mum on the lap of the Mayor

She is the youngest in this photo

Mum & her brother
Mum & her brother Philip

Mum on her wedding day
On her wedding day, aged 16.

Mum, the kids & Kangaroos
Mum with Rodney, Shelly & Joanne

Mum & my father.

A favourite
That's me in the stroller. I love this one of mum. She looks so pretty and happy.

Mum with me. I love this one.

I have always like salad! Thanks to mum feeding us healthy stuff!

Mum & all of us, Rodney is behind her.

Mum & I on one of our many camping trips

Chilling on the hammock together.

Mum getting Joanne ready for dancing while Shelly & I watch. Love the posters on the wall!

My mum and her friend in the 80's
Mum & her friend in the 80's

Me & Mum on a horse
Her & I on a horse.

Aww I used to be cute
At one of Shelly's modelling shows. Look how cute I was!

My brothers Wedding
My brother's wedding. Mum & I are on the left. 

Rikki-Lee, Mum & a lamb
Mum & Rikki-Lee on the farm.

Christmas Lunch 2007
Mum, Rikki-Lee (Shelly's daughter), Shelly and me.

When mum stayed with us in Summer 07/08.

Ashley helping her make dinner.

Some of the family
Mum with all her girls and Joanne's daughter, Shannon.

Looking over these photographs brings back so many memories and makes me miss her even more. But hopefully I will get to see her soon!

Love you mum!


  1. where is the like button for this?

  2. Oh I just found this Nikki :( makes me happy and sad .love you too and miss you more than you know <3


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