Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Debbie!

It is my wonderful mother-in-laws birthday today. I am a very lucky girl in that I have such a great mother-in-law, cause I know a lot of people who don't.

Her and I get along so well. I can call her up and just chat with her and I never have to worry about saying the wrong thing. I love hanging out with her, we laugh and have fun.

206/365 - My in-laws

She loves her family so much, especially her boys. I love how close Billy is with his mother. 

She is also a wonderful Nanna. She adores all of her grandchildren so much. Even Ashley who is not technically her grandson, she loves so much.

She really is a special lady. And I am very lucky to be part of her family.

Pop chip give away!

Danica over at Danica's Daily is holding a Pop Chip giveaway!! Just follow the link below to enter!!! Good luck!

Food Diary 29/06

Today was extremely quiet and uneventful. Billy didn't get home from work until after 8am so he slept most of the day and that meant I was stuck in the living room/kitchen. I decided to make myself a nice savoury breakfast of Morning Star Maple sausage patty (vegetarian), Quick eggs (egg whites coloured yellow), TJ's unsprouted 7 grain bread with some Laughing Cow Light Swiss and a nectarine. It was delicious! Oh and of course my Iced Skinny Caramel latte. 9 points for everything. 1 oil & 1 dairy.

Someone else thought my breakfast looked good too.

Kitty love

Lunch was something I hadn't had in a while. I haven't been buying the pita breads at TJ's for ages but I picked some up this week for a change. So I had one with avocado, ham, sharp cheddar, arugula, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. DELISH! 7 points. 2/3 dairy serve.

For an afternoon snack I had an orange. 0 points. I didn't take a photo, cause well we all know what they look like.

For dinner I made lemon pepper salmon with harvest grain salad we had left from last night, mushrooms fried in a little oil, garlic and chives, steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts. 8 points. 2 oil serves.

For an evening snack I had 1/2 serve of this. 3 points.

Then I did a 25 minute workout on the Wii Fit Advanced Step. +1 Activity point. After that I got a little peckish so I chopped up and apple and a few strawberries and added a Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla yogurt. 2 points. 3/4 dairy serving.

 I was craving something savoury before bed and I had cooked an extra sausage patty this morning in case Billy wanted one when he woke up (he didn't) so I had that. 2 points.

29 points out of 29 used. 0 AP & 48 WP's remaining.

3 oil servings
2.5 (approx) dairy servings.
at least 8 Fruit & vege servings.
1 multi-vitamin

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food Diary 27/06 & 28/06

Ok here is my food diary from yesterday and today. I had a hankering for banana, PB and honey on toast so I used some of this:

It's a peanut butter substitute that is made from peanut flour and is way less calories. Normal PB is 5 points for 2 tbs, this is 2 points for the same amount. Some people don't like it, but I do. Of course it's not as good as normal PB, but for less than half the points, I can't complain. I had it on some TJ's 7 grain unsprouted bread with a banana and 1 tbs honey and my usual skinny iced caramel latte. 10 points.

I didn't have anything for lunch as I had breakfast kind of late and we went and visited with Billy's grandmother for the afternoon and didn't get home until dinner time. For dinner I had a can of light Progresso Soup, no photo. 4 points.

For a snack I had some TJ's popped chips. I love these things! I realised I have never really spoken about them on here. They are really low in points and really yummy! We all like them, even Billy! 28g is 3 points (and you get quite a lot for that)

Then before I went to bed I wanted something a little sweet so I broke open these:

Weight Watchers have something really similar they sell through their meetings and we got a sample bag of them recently and even though I am not a huge fan of cinnamon (they put it in EVERYTHING here!) I really liked them so when I saw these I had to try them. And they are really yummy! 4 points for 26g.

I went to bed with 9 points left. I always eat a little lighter the day before weigh-in, mainly because I go to bed really early and I also don't want to be full of food the next morning for my meeting.

Today was my meeting and Trader Joe's shopping. So I didn't have breakfast until we were on the road. I picked up a Venti Iced Skinny Caramel latte. 3 points.

And a Fit & Active granola bar. 3 points also.

When we got home we were all hungry. Ashley picked out a BBQ Chicken Pizza from TJ's to have for lunch and Billy & I split on of these. 5 points.

I had a big salad with it: Arugula, baby spinach, red capsicum (bell pepper), celery, carrot, avocado, cucumber and balsamic vinegar. YUM! 1 point.

I wanted a chocolate fix this afternoon so I had one of these delicious morsels. 2 points

We found something new to try for dinner at Trader Joe's. Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloins. 


Only 3 points each. I made up some more Harvest Grain Salad (from Danica's Daily), which I bulked up with more artichokes so it had way more servings and less points. Then steamed some broccoli and brussel sprouts. I also had 1 tbs of light ranch. 7 points total.

After dinner I made Ashley & I a bowl of fruit salad each. Kiwi fruit, strawberries, pink lady apple and oranges. YUM! 0 points

Then for a late night snack I made myself a Chai tea infused in almond milk, 1 point and some of the Fit & Active cinnamon streusel crisps. 4 points.

Heading to bed now, 3 points left. But I am just not hungry!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretty Kitty

I have gotten some really cute photos of Cassie the past week. One night she was laying on the floor in the living room and she was rolling around and stretching and just being cute and luckily my camera was right next to me, so I laid down on the floor with her and got some cute shots of her.

I just love her!! Here she is watching the dogs out the back window.

I went outside the other day and she came out with me and followed me all over the front yard.

Isn't she beautiful!!?

Weigh-in 28/06


That's right! I am out of the 170's finally! I meant to post last night about how I was hoping to lose enough to break the 170's but I didn't get a chance to. My scales at home were not showing that big of a loss, but they have never been known to be super accurate anyway.

So I am now in the 160's and I am so happy! I am over halfway to goal now. I do know that things are going to get harder the closer I get though. I know I really have to get more exercise in. I just wish the roads around here were more walk friendly. But I will do what I can. If it means lots of time on the Wii then so be it.

My leader set a new goal for me for 39lbs now that I am over my last goal of 30lbs. I can't believe I have been doing this for almost 6 months and have not quit or had a really big setback. It just goes to show that sometimes you really have to be ready to lose the weight plus have the right circumstances.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Food Diary 25/06 - 26/06

So I have been a little AWOL on here for a few days. I have a bunch of stuff to post about but tonight I am going to bed really early as my WW meeting is tomorrow so here is my food diary for the past fews days to hold you all over. I know you are all excited! Lol!

On Friday night I made some Bircher Muesli. This time with normal rolled oats, not the steel cut ones. That saves a point per serve. I had it with a banana and some sliced almonds. Also with my usual Iced Skinny Latte. 7 Points in total.

For lunch I made myself a TJ's Chile Lime Chicken burger with a yummy big salad with avocado and sunflower seeds. 7 points.

For dinner I had one of these. I was really craving something Mexican. 12 Points.

For a snack I had some TJ's popped chips and peach salsa. 4 points. I used 1 Weekly Point. 

On Sunday I had the other half of my bircher muesli, exactly the same as above. 7 points.

For lunch Billy and I shared on of these. 5 points. Plus a big 0 point salad.

For dinner I made TJ's Orange Chicken. YUM! With 1/2 cup of brown rice and steamed broccoli. 8 points. No photo.

For a snack later on I roasted some butternut squash in some oil to get my daily oil serving in, 2 points.

Then I had a WW candy bar ice cream. 4 points. Went to bed with 3 points.

I will post today's food diary tomorrow. Wish me luck for weigh-in tomorrow.


I have been a bit slack in the blogging department here lately! I spent about 3 hours on Skype with my mum the other night then spent last night doing a bunch of spring cleaning around the house and now Billy has 2 nights off so it means I don't have a lot of time to blog (I prefer to spend it with him <3 ).

I need to blog my food diary for at least 2 days and I have a bunch of photos to share. I will hopefully get a chance to blog tomorrow sometime.

Love you all! xoxox

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Food Diary 24/06

This morning I had a craving for a savoury breakfast. So I made some Morningstar Maple Sausage Patties, mushrooms and some Quick eggs (egg whites coloured yellow). I added a nectarine and an Iced Caramel latte. 7 Points

For lunch I really wanted a salad but with a little more sustenance so I cooked up some of this:

And added it to some arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, red capsicum (bell pepper), olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and ham. I decided not to put all the ham in and have some on the side. Cause I like my ham mostly by itself. 7 points.

It was really yummy! And filling! For dinner I made lemon pepper chicken breast with baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts. 5 points.

For dessert I had one of these. 4 points. Yum!

Then for a snack I made Ashley & I fruit salad with apple, pear, orange, banana and strawberries. 0 points.

Then for a late night snack I had one of these. 3 points.

Then for a REALLY late night snack I had some almonds. 3 points.

Used all of my 29 Daily points.

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