Sunday, June 12, 2011

09/06 Food and Stuff

Again, terrible at posting these!! So here is Thursdays.


I got an idea for breakfast from Danica's Daily and I was so glad I had all the ingredients. Billy was up with me so I made him one too!

I fried up 2 of these (1 each) with some canola oil. 3 Points Plus.

Then when they were almost done I added 2 eggs to the pan, and fried them over medium. 2 Points Plus. In my small skillet I sprayed some olive oil and lightly heated up 1 of these each for us. 1 point plus.

While the tortilla was still in the pan I grabbed a small amount of shredded cheese and sprinkled it over it and let it melt. Then I transferred it to the plate and added the egg and sausage patty.


It was really good and in total was 7 points. 

We spent the afternoon with Billy's grandmother so we didn't have lunch but our breakfast kept us satisfied pretty much all day. We had some shopping to do on the way home and grabbed some Starbucks while we were out. I got a Light Caramel Frappe cause it was darn hot out there! 4 Points Plus.

We got caught in a huge thunder & hail storm outside the grocery store so we sat in the car for a while. Finally we went in and did our thing.

Dinner was planned all week. Trader Joe's Orange Chicken. I only make it when Billy isn't working as there isn't enough in the packet for him to take some to work. I made it with some brown rice and cause I was feeling lazy, some canned green beans.

I had a bunch of chocolate to try and I decided to try some of this one:

I didn't like it. I have been on a salted chocolate kick here recently but it's been dark chocolate. So I gave the rest of this to Billy. The 2 squares I had were 3 points.

I went to bed with 6 points left for the day. That is rare!

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  1. Now I am hungry and want to eat. Everything looks so yummy.


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