Sunday, June 12, 2011

The birds and the bees

Well bugs actually, but you get what I mean. Today I saw some beetles getting nasty.

Oooh baby! hehe I ventured out into the heat today and walked around the front yard in search of bugs and flowers. I got more than I bargained for above! I also found our new flowers Billy planted are finally blooming. I think they are called Bachelor Buttons.

So pretty. I also got a cool shot of a bee in flight.

And a pretty butterfly.

And this thing that I have no clue what is.

Then finally I decided to try to get a photo inside the nest I found the other week with my good camera. Here you go:

They still haven't hatched but mumma bird is still looking after them.

So I got some good shots today me thinks.

Will post my food diary later.


  1. awesome shots there nikki! hahaha i love the nasty bugs! :P

    that purple flower is lovely. xox.


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