Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

It's Father's Day here in the USA. It's on a different day in Australia, in September. I am not sure why it's different to here and other countries. Maybe it's because it's winter time in June in Australia and most people like to have cook outs/barbecues on Father's Day. Who knows!?

Anyway, the day is all about celebrating Fathers. Now my father was pretty absent in my life. I can't even really remember him that much. I haven't seen him since I was about 8 or so and I haven't had contact with him in about 7 years. I makes me a little sad sometimes, but I feel it's his loss, not mine.

I do, however want to talk about the most wonderful father in my life. My husband. Technically he is Ashley's Step Father but he is a better father to Ashley than his biological one and I feel so lucky to have him. Billy came to live with us in December 2005. Ashley was 11 years old and had never even met him. So it was a big change for him. Thankfully, Ashley loves Billy just as much as I do and Billy loves Ashley like he was his own.

This is the 3 of us in February 2006 on our wedding day. Ashley was 11 here and still getting to know Billy. Look at how small he was!


In 2007 Ashley was nominated for and won a Bravery Award from the Lion's Club. He was presented with the award on his 13th birthday. Here he is with his proud Step-dad.

Ashley & Billy

We would ride our bikes down to the park and feed the ducks and swans. Ashley always stuck with Billy.

Billy & Ashley

My boys & ducks

Having fun at the beach:

Out to eat:

Ashley & his step-dad

My boys

They even stuck together on the flight here:

Asleep on the plane

The Last leg

Ashley always pays close attention to Billy no matter what he is doing. 

Dog walk

And he copies him all the time.

They have so much fun together:

And Billy is so patient with him no matter what.

Here is a bunch more photos of them together I love:

Ashley is too tall!

I love this one. It speaks so much to me about how Ashley feels about Billy. He is just watching him intently. I love it.

Billy bokeh

Sorry about so many photos but I really wanted to share this beautiful relationship that has grown so much over the past 6 years. It warms my heart so much to see them together. They are my most favourite people in the world and for them to love and care about each other they way they do means more to me than anything else.


  1. just beautiful. it takes an amazing man to take in a child as his very own. i am so happy for you all. billy is a wonderful man... ashley is just gorgeous too!

    as are you!

    and i feel exactly the same way about my father, he is nothing to me, even more lovely seeing a relationship like billy and ashley after knowing what horrible dad's we have had!!! xoxo

  2. this made me really teary Nikki!! you have done a wonderful blog post re: fathers day well done! what a special bond Ashley and Billy have, how very lucky for Ashley to have someone like Billy to look up to and how lucky for Billy to have someone who idolises him and looks up to him as his father and male role model. xox

  3. There are so many ways in which our relationships mimic one another, and this is no exception. We are both really lucky to have found such wonderful men in our lives to father our special needs children, when they biological fathers won't/don't. I have to also say here that I know you have brought a lot of joy to Billy's life- he has always been a real sweetheart, and he is lucky to have found you and Ashley as well. <3 I love all the photos- don't apologize for them!!! They are wonderful and speak volumes.


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