Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Diary 03/06

I didn't have time for a proper breakfast this morning as I had my hair appointment so I grabbed a quick snack to take my antibiotics with.

1 x WW Peanut Butter Bliss Mini Bar - 2 points
16oz water with White Grape Crystal Light - 0 points

When we got home I was starving. I made myself a salad sandwich with ham on the side.


2 x slices Trader Joe's Unsprouted 7 Grain bread - 2 points
20g avocado - 1 point
1 tbs roasted garlic hummus - 1 point
1 slice sharp cheddar cheese - 2 points
baby spinach, arugula, persian cucumber, tomato - 0 points
55g smoked ham - 1 point


1 x Nectarine - 0 points


2 serves Cedarlane Burrito - 12 points
1 large salad with balsamic vinegar - 0 points
1 tbs sunflower seeds - 1 point


Fruit Salad - 0 points

I got a craving for Ranch dressing and I had 4 points left so I made my favourite salad snack:

1 cup lettuce - 0 points
2 tbs light ranch dressing - 2 points
15g bacon bits - 1 point
28g fat free shredded cheese - 1 point

TOTAL = 29 out of 29 points used so far.

23 Weekly points left out of 49

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