Monday, June 6, 2011

Food Diary 05/06


Billy was up early with me with morning as he isn't well and was home sick last night so I made us both a yummy breakfast of omelettes.

55g smoked ham - 1 point
3/4 cup Quick eggs - 2 points
1 tsp canola oil
2 wedges Laughing cow light swiss - 1 point
2 slices Trader Joe's 7 Grain unsprouted bread - 2 points
mushrooms, onion, tomato, baby spinach - 0 points


I had some lemon pepper chicken breast left over from dinner last night so I made myself a yummy salad with it.

58g cooked chicken breast - 2 points
28g fat free shredded cheese - 1 point
2 tbs Light ranch mixed with 1 tbs fat free milk - 2 points
1 tbs sunflower seeds - 1 point
15g bacon bits - 1 point
lettuce, arugula, baby spinach, cherry pepper - 0 points


We got a new product to try from Trader Joe's this week, sadly I forgot to photograph the package before I threw it away. It is BBQ Teriyaki Chicken. I made it tonight with rice and steamed brussel sprouts. It was ok. Not great and we probably won't buy it again. It was thigh meat and a little to fatty and gristly for my liking.

1 serve TJ's Teriyaki Chicken - 4 points
1/2 cup cooked white rice (we were out of brown) - 3 points
steamed brussel sprouts - 0 points


We had to go to the pharmacy this evening to get some medicine for us sickies and decided to stop by Starbucks while we were out and we treated ourselves to a frap each. Billy of course got the full fat one with all the cream and I got the light boring version!

1 venti Light Caramel frappe - 5 points

Then a late night snack of:

15g raw almonds - 2 points
1 swiss miss diet hot chocolate - 1 point

TOTAL - 29 out of 29 used
23 out of 49 weekly points remaining.

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  1. omg gristly food is wrong :S it looks yum as in the flavours though!! xo


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