Sunday, June 12, 2011

Food Diary 11/06

I had my normal breakfast this morning. Kashi Golean Honey Flax cereal with 1 cup of soy milk and a banana with a cup of Earl Grey tea. 8 points in total.

I have been thinking lately of changing to almond milk instead of soy milk. WW doesn't consider almond milk dairy but it has a lot of nutritional benefits and there are some concerns about soy milk and links to cancer. Almond milk is also lower in points so I can have more of it.

For lunch I finally made the hot dogs I had planned the day before.

I only had 1 complete dog with bun, ketchup, cheese and chili and 1 frank extra.

I had a nice big salad with it.

We only buy the Ballpark Smoked White Turkey franks. No mechanically separated meat and they are only 1 point each. Sure they are pricier than the normal hot dogs but I don't mind paying for better quality.

For an afternoon snack I had some of my favourite sea salt dark chocolate:

It really is the best!

For dinner I made the boys the Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper with ground turkey breast but as Billy was working there wasn't enough for all of us and some for him to take, so I took out one of the 100g packs of lean ground beef I had packaged and frozen recently and made my own dinner of soft tacos with the low carb tortilla's. I had avocado, RF sour cream, FF shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato and salsa. 

They were delicious! And 7 points in total! I had measured out 1 serve of the fat free shredded cheese at lunch time and used half on my hot dog and half on my tacos. 

After dinner I wanted chocolate again so I had the other one of these:

So yummy! Then Ashley asked me to make him some fruit salad so I made some for myself also.

All that 0 points! Love it!

Then I got hungry again a couple of hours later and had 3 points to kill so I had some vegemite on Trader Joe's Unsprouted Rye with 1/2 tbs butter.

Daily Goals:
29 out of 29 points consumed.

At least 6 liquids.
Dairy: 1.5 serves at breakfast, 2/3 serve shared at lunch & dinner. Met
Oils: no oils today :(
F&V: Lots
Multivitamin: Yes

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