Monday, June 13, 2011

Food Diary 12/06

I had my normal, boring breakfast this morning. Kashi cereal, soy milk & banana with a cup of tea. 8 points.

For lunch I decided to try another one of the frozen meals I got. This one was Amy's Enchiladas.

It was 8 points and was pretty good. I liked that it was all natural ingredients and now in calories. Only thing I would say negative about it is it's fairly high in sodium.

Frozen meals never look appealing but it was good.

For dinner I made baked lemon pepper salmon with brown rice, steamed brussel sprouts and pepper mushrooms. 7 points.

After dinner I had 2 squares of my favourite chocolate. 3 points.

Then I had a big bowl of fruit salad. 0 points.

Daily Goals:
26 out of 29 points consumed.

At least 6 liquids.
Dairy: 1.5 serves at breakfast.
Oils: 1 tsp oil
F&V: Lots
Multivitamin: No

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