Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Diary 22nd & 23rd June

Wednesday I woke up quite late as I had a terrible nights sleep. The cat kept waking me up then I couldn't fall asleep plus Billy was sick and coughing all night and tossing and turning. So I didn't feel like eating until a bit later in the day so I had one of these, 10 points for the whole thing. 

For dinner I made Lemon Pepper salmon with brown rice and vegies. 9 points in total including the olive oil the salmon and butternut squash was baked in.

I had quite a few points left after dinner so I made myself a bowl of steel cut oats with some brown sugar and skim milk, it was yummy. No photo though.

Then I finished up the night with some Ketchup chips.

Today I had a breakfast I hadn't had in a while, Kashi Golean Honey Flax cereal, with a banana and almond milk. With a skinny caramel & hazelnut latte. 8 points in total.

For lunch I made a huge salad with some of the Trader Joe's Pear Vinaigrette  and a Boca patty:

For dinner I made myself a big egg white omelette with mushrooms, red capsicum (bell pepper), onion, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and cheese. I had 2 slices of TJ's 7 grain bread with 1 Laughing Cow light swiss on them. 8 points.


For dessert I had one of these. 4 points

Then for a late snack I made a huge bowl of fruit salad but only ate half of it.

Going to bed with 3 points left for the day.

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