Monday, June 27, 2011

Food Diary 25/06 - 26/06

So I have been a little AWOL on here for a few days. I have a bunch of stuff to post about but tonight I am going to bed really early as my WW meeting is tomorrow so here is my food diary for the past fews days to hold you all over. I know you are all excited! Lol!

On Friday night I made some Bircher Muesli. This time with normal rolled oats, not the steel cut ones. That saves a point per serve. I had it with a banana and some sliced almonds. Also with my usual Iced Skinny Latte. 7 Points in total.

For lunch I made myself a TJ's Chile Lime Chicken burger with a yummy big salad with avocado and sunflower seeds. 7 points.

For dinner I had one of these. I was really craving something Mexican. 12 Points.

For a snack I had some TJ's popped chips and peach salsa. 4 points. I used 1 Weekly Point. 

On Sunday I had the other half of my bircher muesli, exactly the same as above. 7 points.

For lunch Billy and I shared on of these. 5 points. Plus a big 0 point salad.

For dinner I made TJ's Orange Chicken. YUM! With 1/2 cup of brown rice and steamed broccoli. 8 points. No photo.

For a snack later on I roasted some butternut squash in some oil to get my daily oil serving in, 2 points.

Then I had a WW candy bar ice cream. 4 points. Went to bed with 3 points.

I will post today's food diary tomorrow. Wish me luck for weigh-in tomorrow.

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