Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food Diary 29/06

Today was extremely quiet and uneventful. Billy didn't get home from work until after 8am so he slept most of the day and that meant I was stuck in the living room/kitchen. I decided to make myself a nice savoury breakfast of Morning Star Maple sausage patty (vegetarian), Quick eggs (egg whites coloured yellow), TJ's unsprouted 7 grain bread with some Laughing Cow Light Swiss and a nectarine. It was delicious! Oh and of course my Iced Skinny Caramel latte. 9 points for everything. 1 oil & 1 dairy.

Someone else thought my breakfast looked good too.

Kitty love

Lunch was something I hadn't had in a while. I haven't been buying the pita breads at TJ's for ages but I picked some up this week for a change. So I had one with avocado, ham, sharp cheddar, arugula, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. DELISH! 7 points. 2/3 dairy serve.

For an afternoon snack I had an orange. 0 points. I didn't take a photo, cause well we all know what they look like.

For dinner I made lemon pepper salmon with harvest grain salad we had left from last night, mushrooms fried in a little oil, garlic and chives, steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts. 8 points. 2 oil serves.

For an evening snack I had 1/2 serve of this. 3 points.

Then I did a 25 minute workout on the Wii Fit Advanced Step. +1 Activity point. After that I got a little peckish so I chopped up and apple and a few strawberries and added a Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla yogurt. 2 points. 3/4 dairy serving.

 I was craving something savoury before bed and I had cooked an extra sausage patty this morning in case Billy wanted one when he woke up (he didn't) so I had that. 2 points.

29 points out of 29 used. 0 AP & 48 WP's remaining.

3 oil servings
2.5 (approx) dairy servings.
at least 8 Fruit & vege servings.
1 multi-vitamin

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