Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday 17/06

Another quiet day at home. Billy has been working pretty late so I just make my breakfast and browse the Internet while I wait to wake him up. This morning was the other half of the Bircher Muesli I made the day before. I had it with some diced apple and a cup of tea. No photo today.

I chilled out and read some more of my book. I am really enjoying it a lot. It's hard to put it down.

For lunch I really wanted some of the Harvest Grain Salad from the night before so I cooked up on of these:

They are actually 2 points, the box has the old points value on it. These are actually quite yummy. I also made a big salad with some of my Pear dressing. All up lunch was 7 points.

I had a banana in the afternoon for a snack and read some more of my book while Billy had a nap. For dinner I made myself some soft tacos with my Low Carb tortillas. 7 points total.

Then one of these for dessert.

I still have 2 points left and probably won't use them. I am pretty tired so I think I will go to bed soon and read more of my book.

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