Friday, June 17, 2011

Life is good

I was cuddling with Billy this afternoon before he left for work and he was telling me how happy I seem lately. He said he has been watching me do my thing around the house and that I have a glow about me and that I seem a lot less stressed about life.

It's true. I feel wonderful. And there are so many reasons why. First of all, things with us are great. Well they always are honestly. We have always been a very happy couple. But with all other things being good, our relationship is even better. When I am depressed or stressed I tend to be a downer to be around and no matter how happy a couple is, if one of them is not doing great, it affects the other one.

Financially things for us are good. Billy has been getting a lot more hours at work and even though it means we see less of each other, we can breath a little easier when it comes to bills etc. Plus we have been able to get out and do stuff a bit more, which helps.

Ashley is doing really well in school. He is on Summer vacation at the moment which is nice, having him home with me during the day while Billy is asleep. We hang out and watch TV and he chats to me while I am making lunch and dinner.

My weight loss and healthy eating is making me feel good, not just physically. I feel better about myself. When I try on clothes I haven't been able to wear in a couple of years and they are too big is a wonderful confidence booster! Plus eating all this healthy food just makes me feel better.

I decided I don't have to put up with people that treat me badly, no matter who they are. I was raised not to put up with crap from people. I decided it was about time to stand up for myself. I have every right to feel good about myself and not allow people to tear me down. So I did and it feels wonderful. None of the people I removed from my life really benefited me in any way. I was just trying to find friends no matter the cost. And I really need to hold onto my integrity. It's funny though how those people reacted to it. They resorted to immature, childish behaviours. Like high school students. Back stabbing, name calling and even creating a Facebook page about me. Funny thing is, the Facebook page didn't have anything on it other than name calling and saying I talked about Australia too much. If that's the worst they can say about me, then it just goes to show how petty they really are. I know I did nothing to these people other than make the decision to not have them in my life. I didn't realise how badly they would take it. If they really felt the way about me that they are proving now, shouldn't they be pleased to have me gone? I don't get it.

Anyway enough about that.

The only thing I can really complain about here is the darn weather! It's too hot! I am not a Summer person and this has already been a hot one and there are 2 more months at least of it! Yuck!

So I am happy, happier than I have been in a while. Here is a photo I snapped of me just before my WW meeting this week. It's a bit blurry but I was feeling really pretty and happy.


  1. Love your picture! =) You look great. And yes, you're glowing. =)

    I'm so glad you are happy. =D

  2. so proud of you Nikki, losing weight isnt just about losing the 'fat' so to speak, but its about losing the people that drag you down as well. you look so radiant :) xo... p.s. i dont think you talk about australia ENOUGH! we rock!

  3. umm what? someone created a facebook page about you? you're totally famous hehe. they must be sooo jealous!!!!

    i am glad things are going well for you lovely lady, you are looking amazing. xox.

  4. Donna, yep they totally did. They used my copyrighted photos and put up my phone number and everything. Billy wanted to press charges because he did some research and apparently what they did was considered a federal crime because they were talking about my Nationality and that is considered a hate crime. Also they could be charged with slander.

    We could have also sued for damages. The page has been taken down now because they found out that I know about it.

  5. oh my god those assholes. i cannot believe it. you should have sued them. they wouldn't wanna mess with you any more.... grrr.... i am angry now!

    the thing that shits me the most is that you are the kindest and sweetest person i know!


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